8 June 2018, at 7 PM
House of Culture, Đurđevac

Three high schools saw temporary implementation of practical classes on film, graphic arts and street art as part of the Youth (in) Culture project. Artists and designers held two-month workshops with the objective of passing on to students the knowledge of creating art and developing critical thinking and creativity. In addition to stressing the importance of creativity itself, the artists highlighted its inextricable connection to broader social processes. The project’s final presentation will serve as an introduction to artworks made in collaboration between the students and artists: the Train in the Snow 2.0 collage film (promo film and cover story), Hasanaginica 2.0 art book, and Motives of Podravina 2.0 graffiti.


19.00 – tour of the Motives of Podravina 2.0 graffiti created by the students of the Dr Ivan Kranjčev High School in Đurđevac, and artists Antonija Bačić and Mario Miličić in collaboration with prof Hrvoje Baltić

19.20 – promotion of the Hasanaginica 2.0 book created by the students of the Dr Ahmed Smajlović Islamic Secondary School in Zagreb, and designers Nina Bačun and Roberta Bratović in collaboration with prof Iva Sabolić

19.30 – screening of the Train in the Snow 2.0 film created by the students of the Zagreb Technical School, and artists Srđan Kovačević and Bojan Mrđenović in collaboration with prof Nataša Žaja, accompanied by a choir performance

20.00 – party in front of House of Culture, curated by DJ Kuna

The organisation of the final presentation is co-funded under the Effective Human Resources Operational Programme from the European Social Fund.

The project was co-financed by the European Union from the European Social Fund.

Total grant: HRK 538,463.08
EU grant: HRK 457,693.62