Tehnička škola Zagreb
February – April 2018

One of the first films in history depicts the arrival of a train to the station, and the cult children’s film referenced in the title (lit. ‘A Train in the Snow’) has immortalized journeying by train as a metaphor for youthful togetherness and coming of age. Both films serve as starting points for the workshop, which brings together learning the basics of film language and participating in the creation of a documentary film. The workshop includes an introduction to film genres and forms, cinematography techniques and shooting practice, teamwork on developing the synopsis and screenplay for the joint production of the documentary, as well as field work. The final product of the workshop is a collage documentary film made up of the materials gathered by students during the practice of film shooting. The film deals with the subject of railroads in the modern context and the prospects of the students of the Technical School, the successor of the vocational railroad operation school.

workshop led by: Bojan Mrđenović and Srđan Kovačević
teacher: Nataša Žaja
coordinator: Vesna Vuković


The organisation of the workshop is co-funded under the Effective Human Resources Operational Programme from the European Social Fund.

The project is co-financed by the European Union from the European Social Fund.

Total grant: HRK 538,463.08
EU grant: HRK 457,693.62