collaborative project


Bearing in mind the growing interest in public spaces among cultural workers and artists in the region, as well as the lack of collaborative initiatives in this field, Amnezion functions as a platform that brings together organizations in the region, which are interested in art in public spaces. Thus, the main goal of the project is to share knowledge and experiences in order to elaborate on the ways in which these spaces could be re-appropriated by artistic practices and cultural activities.
Our work was focused on developing an online platform that will present our work, and at the same time creating a system of interpretation, which can help us with the networked reading of our materials. The platform is imagined as a space that will provide information for other initiatives interested in the issues of public space, discussion of working methods and strategies in public spaces and reflection upon past activities.

partners: ABART artistic production (BiH) and MINA – the Institute of Socially Engaged Art and Theory (SLO)