The platform for working conditions in culture "Za K.R.U.H." (For BREAD) brings together 5 non-profit organizations from Zagreb that act in the field of independent culture (BLOK, CDU, Atelieri Žitnjak, OOUR, Skribonauti). The platform is engaged in improving working conditions within the field and analyzing the cultural policies that affect them.

 The platform is a follow-up of the Enough with the Cuts! Initiative which, at the beginning of 2019, gathered various cultural workers and artists and formed a front to publicly address the problem of the devastation of public funding of culture as well as the resulting worsening of working conditions in the field.

The platform  "Za K.R.U.H." " acts in three different directions: firstly, it analyzes current trends in domestic and European cultural policies, secondly, it examines the state of working conditions in the field through direct work with cultural workers and artists and through a public campaign which brings to light the systemic problems of the cultural field. Finally, it empowers cultural workers to organize and fight for better working conditions for all who work in the field of culture.

You can follow all the activities of the platform on the website and Facebook page.

The platform is supported by The Kultura Nova Foundation.  It is maintained by the underpaid, unpaid, and activist work of those involved.